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LaPresse+ / XTRA: Prizewinning content at the 2018 Tac-Til Prize

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Blog

Seeing your efforts rewarded is always a gratifying thing. In recent years, branded content has set itself apart and really taken off. Many clients and agencies have put their trust in me to craft content that’s adapted to their tone, in accordance with a host of variables and (often unforeseen) issues. I believe my career trajectory and the wealth of projects I’ve carried out simultaneously allow me to enhance the contents of each one. There’s also my ability to be strategic and quickly grasp an overall mandate, beyond merely processing assignment details. Plus, let’s not overlook the incredible chance I get to collaborate with an abundance of enthusiastic and inspiring people.

Branded content in the spotlight

In the spring of 2018, I was honoured (and surprised!) to see two of my texts take home a prize at LaPresse+’s Tac-Til XTRA contest, and for two very different organizations: the Montreal Symphony Orchestra (OSM) (First prize) and the title insurance company FCT. I was all the more pleased, given that the content was blind judged (without the writer’s name) by a jury made up of highly esteemed professionals: Chris Bergeron (Cossette), Claire Bouchard (La Presse), Valérie Champagne (La Grosse Business), Alexandre Gravel (Toast Studio) and Philippe Lamarre (Urbania).

Training courses at Infopresse Campus

From ideation to execution, branded content mobilizes many teams (companies, agencies, media) and involves a number of parties along the supply chain (graphic designers, decision makers, broadcasters, readers). Hence my pleasure to take part in these ever-exciting undertakings. The Branded Content training session I offer at the Infopresse Campus alongside Claire Bouchard greatly fuels my ongoing reflections. Through it, I also refine my editorial approach and practice.

Thank you! 

Beyond creativity and rigour, and well ahead of style, my genuine commitment is to fulfill clients’ objectives. I love writing this type of white label content. Each day, I delve more deeply into a whole spectrum of topics and sectors, thus discovering inspiring entrepreneurial visions and a variety of communities and interests. In sum, I’m being paid to learn. Even though I’m not Mister Networking, thank you to all those who put their trust in me.

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