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Is the press release still relevant?

by | Dec 1, 2018 | Blog

So long, press release? Au contraire. You can even make it the crux of your story, especially if its contents are specific, informative and compelling. As a freelance writer, I figure I’ve written, translated or improved close to 1,000 press releases, for a diverse range of agencies and businesses, from artisanal workshops to multinationals, and from government ministries to school boards.

Why the press release is still effective?

Whether it’s a promo campaign or a crisis management plan, the press release’s narrative framework allows you to use it as the perfect content matrix to multiply and spread across the digital realm. And yes, that includes social media. This quickly stretches beyond the confines of a mere email sent to journalists and bloggers. In the following blog post, I explain why I still consider the press release to be a very powerful tool, provided we understand how to harness its full content potential.

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