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Antidote, je t’aime

by | Jan 1, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

The Antidote software does magical things. It’s a best friend to thousands of writers in Quebec and throughout the Francophonie. Hence, in addition to spotting typos and suggesting extremely accurate synonyms, its fantastic related functionalities would merit further exploration. Take some time to do so; it’s an investment.

My favourites? The co-occurrences, which can considerably elevate a piece of writing. I also love the Style section, which notably tracks repeated words. You can even set a desired distance between related words.

Thus, with just one click, you can visualize that a text is weighed down by words such as entrepriseentrepreneurentrepreneurial, etc. Accordingly, you can substitute them for other words or give them a different spin. Offered at a ridiculously low price, Antidote is also an inspiring Quebec initiative that has thrived throughout the Francophonie. Its story is worth knowing.

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