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An anguish-free novel

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Blog

Despite its title, my novel L’angoisse du paradis (The Anguish of Paradise), published by Marchand de feuilles, is far from agonizing. It’s rather a playground for the imagination, with a handful of musings on social matters. I really appreciated Chantal Fontaine’s review in Les libraires magazine.

Nice review

Yann Fortier transports us to early 1940s Russia, where he introduces us to the young Ivan Zolotov, a pampered child in a crippled nation. While his life is marked by unusual events—at times serious, often ludicrous—he nevertheless moves through time with a strange detachment. […] L’angoisse du paradis proves to be a deliciously absurd and fabulously intelligent mosaic, brought to life with beautiful lyricism and twisted overtones. A pleasure to read, most refreshing.

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