No time to put together a client brief?

Dear decision-making friends: a brief is not about firing off an email with 14 information-dense attachments. No good copywriting is ever feasible without a clear and concise brief delivered before any work is undertaken.

Writing hack: (re)read as you listen

I love Microsoft Office 365’s text-to-speech (TTS) feature (using the Alt+Ctrl+Space shortcut). It makes it possible to hear text written in a Word document read aloud, thus experiencing it in a whole new light.

CAPITALIZED words? Not always

A friendly piece of advice: if the name of your business/brand/product is written in CAPITAL LETTERS, it’s okay to carry that decision over to your marketing and advertising materials. That said, it would be a major misstep to insist on the all-caps spelling in your press releases, articles, blog posts or branded content, purportedly to stay on brand.

Antidote, je t’aime

The Antidote software does magical things. It’s a best friend to thousands of writers in Quebec and throughout the Francophonie. Hence, in addition to spotting typos and suggesting extremely accurate synonyms, its fantastic related functionalities would merit further exploration.

Is the press release still relevant?

So long, press release? Au contraire. You can even make it the crux of your story, especially if its contents are specific, informative and compelling. As a freelance writer, I figure I’ve written, translated or improved close to 1,000 press releases, for a diverse range of agencies and businesses, from artisanal workshops to multinationals, and from government ministries to school boards.